Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Duke's Mixture

As if I didn't have enough to pass along over the weekend, here are a few more bits and pieces to get your through the early part of the week.

Ivy Tech Releases Plans for Campus Expansion: If you haven't seen the plans yet for the new buildings on the Ivy Tech campus at Meridian and Fall Creek Parkway, you've been missing out! When their growth spurt is over, they will have built out and moved into the old St. Vincent's hospital building, built a new building behind it on Capitol, and two new parking grarage/mixed-use buildings on Illinois. Plans went out to the neighborhood last week since they'll begin demolishing buildings attached to the St. Vincent's stucture this month. Kudos to them for keeping the original structure intact and demolishing the "modern" eyesores. Kudos also to their commitment to sod the space and green it up during the construction. Congratulations to Ivy Tech for their fantastic growth due to success of programs like their culinary arts program.

Wither Buggs? Over the weekend, I was on the canal and wondered what the Sam Hill was up with the opening of Bugg's Temple? My question didn't go unanswered long. Susan Guyette reports:

And Chuck Mack's Buggs Temple project on the Downtown Canal at 337 W. 1th St. is getting closer to completion. Owners are looking at a late May or June opening, according to Amanda Cravens. The project will include Cornerstone Coffee, Ritter's Frozen Custard and a restaurant that will feature chef Brad Gates in the kitchen.

Well, that's what they were saying *last* year, so we'll see if they actually make it. Even May or June will be late for the summer canal traffic season.

Capital Grille Cometh: Speaking of an on-time opening, Capital Grille, opening in the former Restaruant du Soliel space at the Conrad touts May 2007 on their front windows. Sounds like they'll make it with training openings beginning later this month. Guyett reports the official opening day is April 30.

The Scoop on Caterers: If you want all the information you could every need on caterers, look no further than this week's issue of the IBJ. They feature Indianpolis' largest independent caterers in their Forcu list. The top 10?

1. Crystal Catering, Carmel ($22 million last year)
2. Kahn's Katering, Carmel ($7.4 million last year)
3. Ritz Charles, Carmel ($5.9 million)
4. Indy Anna's Catering , Indianapolis, ($4.7 million)
5. Thomas Caterers of Distinction, Indianapolis ($3.8 million)
6. MBP Distinctive Catering, Indianapolis ($3.1 million)
7. Hoaglin Fine Catering, Indianapolis ($2.6 million)
8. Execudine Corporate Catering, Zionsville ($2.0 million)
9. Jonathan Byrd's Catering, Greenwood ($2.0 million)
10. Malone's Catering, Indianapolis ($1.8 million)

Many of the above caterers provide higher end fare while Malone's specializes in fried chicken, ribs, pork, and fish in classic BBQ style. Sahm's was the top restaurant caterer weighing in at number 12 with Primo right behind at 13, and Qdoba Mexican Grill at number 16. The IMA has recently added Kahn's and Ritz Charles as two additional options for events at the museum in addition to Puck's which didn't appear on the list.


CorrND said...

If I remember correctly, the original plan for Buggs Temple was for them to open summer 2005! I've emailed Amanda a couple times over the last year and the opening date has certainly been a moving target.

Even in mid-2006 their webpage still said "Grand Opening! Early 2006." In July '06, Amanda told me late September/early October and then in January '07 she told me late March/early April. And while she's telling the Indy Star late May/early June, the webpage still says "The building has an expected open date in April 2007." I think Amanda may need some classes and managing expectations!

I never made it to Puck's while Brad Gates was the chef, so should we expect great things once the Buggs Temple restaurant opens?

braingirl said...

I wouldn't consider what any chef did at Puck's as a recommendation one way or the other. Prepping and heating what comes off the truck from corporate doesn't exactly require CIA-level skill. I don't even remember where Gates was before that. I don't have huge expectations for Buggs at this point.

Anonymous said...

hardly anything at pucks is prepped and heated from corporate. gates is an amazing chef. check your sources before you say anything like that braingirl

braingirl said...

You should check yours. You've posted this comment in a year old thread. Gates hasn't been a Puck's for some time. And go check out their kitchens and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Pucks with him and in other cities. I came across this thread while looking for the name of the new restaurant because someone asked me when the new place was opening and I didn't know the name and no longer live in Indianapolis. Nothing was ever done like that when Brad was the chef there. I don't know about now. He worked at Union Square Cafe in NYC before coming back to Indiana.

braingirl said...

I'm sure Brad is a great chef and I can hardly wait for the long delayed opening of his restaurant. We're heading into Fall 2007 and still no word. Anyone have any updates?

Anonymous said...

Scheduled opening for the restaurants at Buggs Temple is Oct. 15, 2007.
See full story here