Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Contributors Coming

Hey, kids! Once again, I want to say thanks for stopping by. About 250 of you a day check out Feed Me/Drink Me proving once again that good restaurant and food snark is always in style. To help keep the info coming, we have some cool news! We're still ironing out all the details, but the brain trust over here at Feed Me/Drink Me has some cool new contributors lined up for April and May.

Later this month, look for a new poster offering the skinny on foodie and chef podcasts. What's worth your time? What to skip? How to get started? The best ways to find new and cool voices? This contributor will help you hear what other foodies are talking about in the midwest and where to find their podcasts.

And in May, Chef Thom England, head the culinary program at Ivy Technical College, will travel back to his roots at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, for a month-long stint in their premier training restaurant, the Escoffier Room. Chef Thom, like many of us, has read Michael Ruhlman's latest book, The Reach of a Chef, where Ruhlman revisits CIA and contrasts what the school is now with how it was when he wrote his classic, The Making of a Chef in 1997.

Chef Thom attended CIA when Ruhlman was there, so we've asked him to send us dispatches while he spends a month working at the Escoffier Room with one of his former instructors. What's the same? What's different? And what is his take on the changes in CIA, the students, and even Ruhlman's observations. Or, he may just send us funny stories. We know there are a few other well-known culinary school graduates in Indianapolis -- from CIA and others -- and we hope they'll chime in with their opinions. (We might even get Ruhlman involved in the discussion.)

And in continuing with updating our templates a bit, you'll notice a new feature in the right-hand column, shared articles from other food blogs. I read feeds from 10 or so other food blogs a day and have helpfully flagged some interesting articles to share. Many of the blogs I link from are those included in the "general food blogs" section. Enjoy!


Shelly said...

Sounds good Braingirl...can't wait!
Every time you say the word "snark" I chuckle to that word..huh

christine (myplateoryours) said...

Just be sure you don't let these guys replace your own caustic contributions. I am pretty sure 250 of us don't tune in just for the gossip. It's the attitude!