Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Spate of Openings!

Petit Chou in Broad Ripple: While in Broad Ripple the other day, I noticed that Petit Chou, new outpost from the Cafe Patachou folks is coming right along. Look for it on Westfield next door to Midtown Grill serving breakfast and lunch with a European coffee shop flair. Expect parking to be an issue, but in Broad Ripple, when is it not? Scheduled opening is next week.

Harry and Izzy's is Open! No, I haven't been yet but early reports are it's good from the sandwiches right down to their signature St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, there will be plenty of chances to try it out.

Capitol Grill Opens Next Week: Capitol Grill, the new steakhouse chain opening at the Conrad, will do a soft open starting April 23 with invitation only dining. Look for them to be fully open to the public by the first of May.

L'Explorateur for Lunch: L'Explorateur will open for lunches beginning May 16. Look for their delightfully light but satisfying sandwhiches and treats. And enjoy their deck when the weather improves.

Wonderful Wine Bars: And look for one more opening later this year in the lofts at 25th and Delaware. In addition to a gourmet market, The Goose, rumor has it a wine bar will be opening to provide locals with a little light libation. We look forward to it!

Claus', Klemm's, Oh, that Brat Place: May 1 look for Claus' German Sausage and Meat (nee Klemm's) to reopen in their new location. Apparently, they always take April off, but this May 1, they're opening for the first time in Fountain Square on Shelby. No matter what you call them, I still call them good!

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kevin said...

I made the mistake of going to Harry & Izzy's on their first day for lunch. I say "mistake" because I should have known better than to go before the kinks have been worked out. The service was painfully slow and uneven. Two different tables that came in after us were served, paid their bills and left before we even got our food. Half our table got their food way before the other half and it was awkward because they didn't want to start before us but it was taking so long, they finally did. Then they were finished before we finally got ours.

I ordered the tenderloin thinking that a local place of such esteem would really do it right. Well, it was a thicker version of what they served you in the cafeteria in high school and burnt. The menu said it came with a spicy mayonaise but mine was completely dry. I asked our server for some mayo and she brought back plain old Hellmans. Nothing spicy to it.

Twice the manager came by to apologize for the length it was taking (we were at two hours by this point) yet they still had no qualms charging us full price for everything. To add insult to injury, they were having computer problems and couldn't run the credit cards through so we had to wait for that to get resolved, then when it was, our server would not take our entire tables cards at once, she kept coming back one at a time which not only made more trips for her but extended our lunch even longer.

I'm in no hurry to go back at this point.