Sunday, April 22, 2007

Winos Unite: Tasting Notes

27 2003 California Pinot Noirs and Burgundies: Wine-o friends had a soiree as perfect as the weather on Saturday featuring a blind tasting of 27 California and Burgundy lovelies. The company was as perfect as the wine and I talked so much, I didn't come close to making it through the entire field of wines. My favorite? The 2003 Selyem Russian River although it was great to taste seven of the 2003 Selyems all together. All fantastic!

Weekend Starter: With the gorgeous weather, we kicked off the weekend with the Seigneurs de Bergerac 2005 Bergerac Sec. This white bergerac hailing from the Dordogne Valley was more robust than a pinot grigio but not as sweet as a Riesling. With white grape early and a citrusy tang at the end, this crisp drinker was exactly right for a pre-dinner drink.

What to Watch? Mondovino! At the recommendation of a trusted wine advisor, I tracked down the documentary Mondovino and finally watched it over the weekend. If you're looking for an epic tale of battling wine families, you won't find it here, but if you're interested in a global perspective of the wine business today, this film has it. From how small domaines in France are competing to how "families" which are also multi-national companies align and even how people like wine consultant Michel Rolland and critic Robert Parker have changed the business of wine. Be warned more than half the film is in subtitles as many interviewees speak French and Italian, but if you're ready for a two-hour education, this film is it. Plus, the documantary makers find dogs in almost every shot -- including Robert Parker's farting bulldog.


Gastroholic said...

Really great, important film.

M. Zane Grey said...

Oh sure, blame it on the dog....