Monday, April 16, 2007

Zipang Sparkling Sake

Call it the find of the week, and maybe even the find of the summer -- Zipang Sparkling Sake. I'd been hearing about these new sake sparklers and even tasted one last summer but thought they was too lightly carbonated with too much alcoholic "heat". Enter Zipang Sparkling Sake, a sparkling junmai sake imported by Gekkeikan (USA) sold in 12-ounce bottles similar to the wine coolers of old. But unlike some of its more delicate cousins, this little bubbler packs a nice, refreshing punch. Just sweet enough to fulfill your expectations for a sec-style sparkling wine, its crisp flavor with fairly heavy carbonation pairs perfcetly with spicy sushi, heavy-soy dressings, and salty crispy won-ton chips. It's also great on its own which is how I'd love to consume it this summer. (But be careful, at 7% ABV.)

No word yet on where locally to find these delicious little bottles but keep an eye out. We had it at H2O Sushi ($11 for a 250 ml bottle.)

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