Friday, June 01, 2007

Three Latest and Best

Hey, kids, I know I've been scarce around here lately but it's not been for a lack of food coverage. It's been because of too much! I'll be able to say more later, but in the meantime, here's my version of simplicity, the summer three latest and best!

Coconut Shrimp at Ruth's Chris: Shrimp at a steakhouse you say? Well, hey, I love happy hour menus. My current fave comes crispy and sweet with orange marmalade. Mmmmm.

The Bitch is Back: Sure, I broke up with Pizza Hut for a while miffed over my lost order, but when a relationship is that good, you just can't stay way. You, yes you, thin crust, you are my true romance.

Steak at a Kitchen Table: In my recent travels (or travails, whichever you prefer), I've been lucky enough to be welcomed into the home of some of the best beef producers in the state. I've had some fantastic steaks but I have to give special props to Diana Fischer, wife of Dave Fischer of Fischer Farms. (Fischer is arguably the state's top small producer of natural, corn-finished beef served locally at The Oceanaire and Elements.) Diana made us the most simple and delicious lunch this week and it was one of the best steaks I've had in a year. So good and cooked so perfectly that the back of my mouth is watering again as I type. I couldn't leave her out of this week's Three Latest and Best.

Two-Minute Warning: Dear Harry and Izzy's, I know we didn't go out very many times -- three or four dates, but it's time to decide whether or not to take our relationship to the next level. Frankly, I'm just not that interested. I never really felt like you were trying to make an effort to win me over. Maybe you did really try, but the honest truth? You're boring. Sorry, there, I said it. Your food is merely average and your bar scene is dull. You can say it's me and maybe it is. I'm a party girl who just likes to relax with a good meal sometimes and not get charged extra when your bartender offers to put pomegranate in my cocktail. But your food doesn't excite me and I need to be excited. I'm sure you won't be at any loss for other regular girlfriends. I wish you the best of luck, but I think I'm over you. Maybe we can just be friends. Call me for drinks sometime. I'll be at Mo's.


henrychan888 said...
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braingirl said...

Spam deleted.

TV Steve said...

Dear Feed Me/Drink Me,
I've had a long and special relationship with a Burger Named Bub. So is it cheating to want to visit the new Bub's Cafe that just opened instead?
Confused in Carmel

braingirl said...

Dear Confused in Carmel,

I think it depends on if the new
Bub's Cafe has burgers. If it does, then, yes, it might be like dating your Bub's burger's sister. If not, you're in clear. Plus, you can always be "just friends" with the new Bub's. (Or maybe, mmm, "friends with benefits", especially if those benefits involve bacon.)

Signed, always date three restaurants at a time.