Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day of Miscellaney

Up Go the Prices at Starbucks, Again: If you, like me, have been noticing that your daily venti bold has been getting more expensive, brace yourself. Starbucks, citing rising milk prices and other business costs, will raise the price of lattes, coffees, and other drinks an average of $.09 per drink. It's the second price increase in less than a year.

Christopher Browne, the old Fox: Loved the piece in last week's The Dish about Christopher Browne, former executive chef at the The Restaurant at the Canterbury, taking over at The Snooty Fox, just off the Monon Trail up by 82nd St. Browne is planning to update the menu with some fresh, innovative dishes and hopes to revitalize the place with entire neighborhood.

Steak and Shake Chili in Cans is A-OK: This is just depressing. There was a recall. Chili sauce and canned chili. Steak and Shake brand is apparently OK, they want us to know. Whatever.

Marsh Holds Downtown Hostage? Marsh has asked the city for $50,000 in tax abatements to renovate the downtown O'Malia's (to the tune of $1.5 million). As much as I'd love to see that store renovated, do you really think Marsh needs $50,000 of city money to do it? They're not expanding the space or adding employees. Proposal goes to hearing next month. Via Property Lines.

Update: Marsh has dropped its request for a tax abatement for renovations on the downtown O'Malia's. Via Cory at Property Lines

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