Monday, August 13, 2007

A Little Light Housekeeping

Am doing some tinkering to the template and you'll notice some housekeeping changes. We'll add a polling feature and will be doing some benchmarking with Google ads. So, don't worry if you tune in and you see ads or an incomplete pizza poll. Consider it a construction zone without the 45 mile per hour speed limit and a $1000 dollar traffic fine.

Also, soon to come, we'll be adding pointers from our new URL -- (I know, I'm the last person in the world to finally do this.) The old URL will still continue to work and I'm not migrating platforms, so the new URL will point to this site, as seamless as seamless can be. Regular readers won't need to change a thing.

Lastly, we may be testing labels on some posts. Does anyone really use these? I'm thinking about how to categorize posts and whether it will be worth it for me or for you.


Anonymous said...
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braingirl said...

The rare spider-bot spam has been deleted.