Sunday, August 19, 2007

Using Labels

Check out the cool new label cloud in the right hand nav bar! In case you've never encountered one of these cool blobs before, it tracks labels (or tags) and ranks them by the order of usage. The bigger and bolder a term (like "wine") for example, the more times that label is used. It's an easy way to sort posts and look for more on the same topic.

For example, all you folks who land here searching for info on Harry and Izzy's can click on the label and find all posts related to it so far. It's a more useful feature for a blog like this one. Of course, you can always use the "search this blog" bar above. I've only labeled posts from the last eight weeks or so. Since this is an Indianapolis centric blog, I've not been shy about labeling specifics.


christine (myplateoryours) said...

Very cool. Never knew what the heck those things were. Do you have to have tagged each post for it to show up, or does a search mechanism scan the blog for mention of the label?

blogger said...

I just add the keyword tags now when I create the post. And I was able to go back and add them for previous posts. You can use a regular category list but I think it works better for broader categories. You're on typepad or wordpress, yes? There's probably a function in your template that lets you add tags/labels/categories (they'll be called one of those.)

braingirl said...

Don't know where (blogger) came from -- the reply above was me.