Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wine Lovers Rejoice! Federal Court Strikes Indiana's Wine Shipping Laws

Finally! It's our turn in Indiana. After a spate of federal courts (including the Supremes) overturning laws banning interstate wine shipping, large portions of Indiana's wine shipping legislation have been struck down. The news falls in two parts (from what few reports I've read so far this morning).

First, the portion of the law prohibiting direct shipments from out-of-state wineries has been struck down. Indiana residents can now visit wineries across the nation and ship wine directly home. (If you've ever spent any time in Napa, you've already come up with your own set of work-arounds, but this makes it so much easier. Others of us are pretty familiar with toting around wine boxes or visiting Napa's pak-n-ship.)

Secondly, a portion of the law that required an in-person transaction has also been struck down again, allowing direct shipment from out-of-state wineries. You know that club you've always wanted to join from your favorite California winery? The one where they automatically ship you a few bottles every month? You can join!

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Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!!! Another one of Indiana's archaic laws stuck down.

CorrND said...

Great news for Indy enophiles! My workaround has been to have my wine shipped to my brother in Evanston.

I'm guessing this decision won't be interpreted by California wineries quickly enough for us to take advantage this season, but maybe next year.

anonymous -- I believe the overturned law is only about 2 years old.