Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Del Taco Quickie

Just a quickie today from Cory at Property Lines. He reports Del Taco wants to open 16 new fast food locations in Indy. (They are looking for franchise owners, so this is very early stage.) Del Taco wouldn't have been my first choice for new taco chain, but I still stop at Taco Bueno by the airport in Oklahoma City every time I'm there.

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Anonymous said...

But my chica celebral! You really have to try a Taco Cabana, the chain out of San Antonio with the homemade tortillas and salsa, and the beers on ice. My last trip to Austin reminded me that this is to tacos what Southern Cal's In-N-Out is to burgers and fries. And In-N-Out Burger has now joined that pantheon of culinary institutions to open a branch in Las Vegas...a Lucky 7 of them, in fact! As the national capital of restaurant chains, we in Indy should insist on at least one of each!