Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fall Has Fallen...Upon Us

Even before coffee, I cleaned up yesterday at the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market. It seems like there's been quite a bit of news lately about high farmer's market prices, but the totals on the gorgeous fall fruit and veg looked in line to me -- and cheaper than comparable quality at, say, Sunflower or Wild Oats. (The worst price I paid was the usurious $2 Hubbard and Cravens charged for a small cup of coffee. Note to self: Stop at Starbuck's on the way.)

Otherwise, I enjoyed a morning of greeting old friends and new, choosing lovely zucchini, squash, peppers, and tomatoes. (It's almost roasted pepper season!) There were lots of fall vegatables as well as the last of the summer fruit. (I saw a few lovely raspberries and peaches and the last of the corn.) But with fall in the air, it's almost time to start stocking up on summer favorites that freeze well like Capriole goat cheese and Jaquie's pesto. (I love the O'Banon goat cheese wrapped in macerated chestnut leaves for easy entertaining. The fact that goat cheese freezes beautifully is important once you realize that they're impossible to find in the winter in stores.)

Enjoy it while it lasts. The final day for the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market is October 27.

Meridian on Meridian: If you haven't seen it lately, the new Meridian restaurant, formerly Dodd's Townhouse on Meridian at Westfield looks beautiful -- at least from the outside. Originally targeting September, I haven't heard an updated opening date, but I'm guessing they'll debut this fall. With Chef Dan Dunville at the helm, the food should be as lovely as the renovation.

The Earth Has Moved: Finally. What? I meant for the Fresh Market at 54th and College. Construction equipment is on site and prepping the lot (although I never seem to see any workers actually *there* and working.) Still no word on a scheduled opening date.

Ramsey Sautes His Own...Bits: Where I come from, calf fries are a popular treat, but I'm not really sure it was the human equivalent Chef Gordon Ramsey had in mind. Reports from British tab The Sun (via TMZ) say that Ramsey recently had an accident in kitchen. Involving a bad burn. In a sensitive area. Ouch. Specifics from TMZ.


christine (myplateoryours) said...

Just fyi, Capriole Cheese is available in Bloomington year round at Bloomingfoods, Sahara Mart, Marsh, and the Winter Farmers Market. No reason why stores in Indy couldn't carry it too.

braingirl said...

We get Capriole in stores here year round, too, but not all of the cheeses they sell at Farmer's Markets are available. The pyramids and O'Banon's are rarely found in stores -- while the big rounds and logs are common. (You can't get the logs at the farmer's market, go figure.)

Manic Mom said...

What an awesome Sunday you had at the Farmers Market! Believe it or not, Mr. Bobby Robertson has a thriving garden in the middle of this hellish valley. We have zucchini, squash, heirloom tomatoes, corn and sunflowers. Sabrina and I picked about 40 crunchy green apples from our tree too but hell if I know what to do with them.
What are you doing on October 6th? Want to come to LA for a 40th birthday party? Bobby's grapes should be ready then and we're going to make and bottle our own wine - notes of dog piss and car exhaust. :) SCHMOOZ