Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oktoberfest, Bugg's and Football

Hey, can you keep the noise down a little? We went to Oktoberfest at the Ratskellar last night and my head hurts. Not clear if it's from all the beer or the screaming accordions of Polka Boy -- could be either. They're they only band I know with a keg *on stage* for the night. But it was a fine evening -- the very best use of a beer garden.

In the meantime, a few tidbits:

Bugg's Temple: I know, I *swore* I wasn't mentioning this renovated-church-restaurant-on-the-canal again until they actually opened. They've been dragging us along now for two years. But a bird told me that they're now saying they'll open in mid-October. I'll believe it when I actually see it.

Bar Menus: I've been meaning to put together a list of great bar menus and this week someone reminded me of one of the best -- The Bar at the Canterbury. It's worth a stop in to one of my favorite bar rooms in town with comfy couches, an old school feel, and big windows to watch the street.

Purdue Tailgating: And a big shout-out to the Purdue tailgaters heading up for today's big game. The menu I'm most jealous of? Today, one group is having battered and fried catfish, hushpuppies, and jambalaya. Makes me want to scrounge a ticket.


Anonymous said...

braingirl, who said you need a ticket to go tailgating?

Brian D. said...

That makes the brats I prepared seem so underwhelming for a tailgate. Next time I do brats I'm thinking of a beer bath for them. However last year's tailgating menu had kabobs, chili, and around Thanksgiving we whipped out the fryer for deep fried turkey, mashed potatos, stuffing, and hot chocolate.

Just come up one day and sit by our TV to watch the game while I go into the stadium. Next up is Purdue-Ohio State and that's going to be a roaring party all day long since kickoff is 8pm.

Anonymous said...

There was some activity at Buggs Temple on Friday night...lots of dressed up people and the barbeque was being fired up. A soft opening, perhaps?

CorrND said...

anon -- I've seen Buggs host a handful of events over the summer, using their patio with the outdoor grill. What you saw may have been a soft opening or just another small event like that.

I took a ride on the People Mover last week and noticed as we went by Buggs Temple that they have one of those orange liquor license application signs on the window. Seeing that sign plus your post gives me hope that this may FINALLY be the real thing.

beth said...

the thing about that orange liquor license in the window...has the date from fall of 2006 on it (I don't remember the actual date). I walked by on Saturday after seeing this post, but I'm with braingirl in not getting excited until it for REAL opens.

CorrND said...

Beth, I'm definitely with you! I've got about 6 emails from Amanda Cravens in my email folder with projected Buggs opening dates going back to July/August of 2006. I've even got one that describes a "whirlwind" of activity leading up to a Sept/Oct '06 opening.

But despite the 2006 date on the liquor license application, I run past Buggs pretty regularly and I'm pretty that the sign was only recently put up on the window. That's the only source for my current optimism.

Still, I wouldn't put money on it!

Anonymous said...

I am a part owner of Buggs Temple and the Friday night activity was the Investors Gala opening.

Anonymous said...

The activity on Sept. 29 was a rehearsal dinner for the head chef who was married the following night...I know, I was there