Thursday, September 20, 2007

Self-Chilling Bottles and Brazilian Food

I ran into a group of fellow foodies the other day and we were all remarking on how this time of year seems slow. While we wait for new openings and visits to a few new places, here's what's happening around the blog world.

A Bottle that Chills Itself? Several outlets are reporting that Coca-cola is working on a bottle that will keep the drink cold after the cap is opened. They'll have to go in special vending machines and early reports are they'll test market the new package with a Sprite drink in the UK late this year. Wow. If they can perfect this technology, can you imagine what will happen when the license it to the beer world? (Besides the koozy business collapsing.) Brilliant! (Via Slashfood)

Honeycake for the High Holy Days: Best parts of the Jewish Holidays? Why, the food, of course! Not only is honey symbolic of a sweet new year to come, but this scrumptious treat looks healthy and dripping with sweet honey goodness. More on the cake, memories, and a recipe from Cookthink. (via Slashfood)

Wine Cooler Trivia: Courtesy of Dr. Vino, who's taking a trip down memory lane: Which state was tops in wine cooler consumption over the 2nd and 3rd place states combined? (More about wine cooler/malt beverages and why they contain no wine at Dr. Vino.)

More Brazilian? Cory over at Property Lines reports on real estate leasing deals done which is why he often has early leads on proposed restaurants. Sometimes they happen. Sometimes they don't. But it's fun to speculate. His latest info? A new Brazilian-style grill will be going into the first floor of the former Zipper building. No estimated opening date but I'm guessing it will be well into next year.

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rodrigo said...

the new brazilian grill is going to be Fogo de Chao. It's one of the top quality brazilian steakhouses, perhaps second only to Plataforma in NY city.