Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hey, all, check out the new "recent comments" notifier on the right side of the blog. We have a pretty cool little community going here. As most of you know, I don't consider what I do reviews. Sometimes people agree and sometimes they don't. What seems to happen is that we early birds get out comments in, and folks follow on later -- sometimes with very different thoughts. I'd love to keep threads going as *conversations,* not just a listing of good v. bad opinions or reviews. But until now, not all of you knew when an old thread was active again. Well, now you can. When there's a post in an older thread, you can go back, read the new comments, see if you agree, post, and help us all talk more about the food we love (or hate.)

For a perfect example, check out The Flying Cupcake thread. Don't have an opinion? Go check it out and let us know. And, hey, all you anonymous posters, feel free to use a name. When you toggle that option, it doesn't ask for an email or anything. We won't know who you are. Use your coffee name or whatever. (Mine's "Daisy".) It will just make it easier to sort who's who.


Anonymous said...

WHAT? Also why don't I see my recent posts?

CorrND said...

braingirl -- great idea with the new comments widget. I definitely hadn't seen a lot of the comments on the cupcake post.

But can I make a suggestion that you change the Comments Timestamp Format? Having old comment threads reignited makes it difficult to tell how old or new some of the comments are. Adding the date of the comment in some way would be very helpful.

braingirl said...

Excellent idea -- and done! Thanks!