Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ice Cream, Champp's, and The Goose

Wow! A record high traffic day on Monday for what appeared to be no particular reason but just, well, high traffic. About 600 of you stopped by to visit. Thanks, everyone! Lots starting to go on this season, so here's today's Duke's Mixture.

More Ice Cream, Please! From The Dish, Nicole from H2O is getting serious about getting her incredible ice cream to you! After loving her at the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market, it looks like we'll have a whole new way to get her perfect treats in flavors like balsalmic vinegar and bay leaf.

Her new Seasonal Ice Cream of the Month Club packages up her homemade, one-of-a-kind ice creams (like "hot" chocolate with the essence of smoky chipotle peppers) and sorbets (such as the lusciously cool kiwi mix) in two- or four-pint servings for monthly pick-up at the restaurant. Call 254-0677 to sign up.

Champps Serves It's Time, Alcohol Free: I hadn't heard about this until I read it at Cory's last night, but it appears that the northside Champp's has been serving out a 15-day alcohol suspension that's up on Friday. (Isn't it amazing how they just missed all the hot weather?) I'm sure it's a longer story, but the short of it seems that the violation stems from a 2005 incident where a patron was overserved, drove home, and killed someone.

The Goose Opens -- Saturday: The word is out that The Goose Market at 25th and Delaware in Fall Creek Place will open on Saturday. I plan to stop in since they're in the neighborhood.

Cuban TaTa's: Kirts sends on this rather cryptic email message apparently from the folks at TaTa's, the Cuban restaurant at 137 W. Market. "Comments: Grand opening next week. First Cuban restaurant in Indy." For some reason, I thought they were open already. Either way, just something to note.

Cicero's Closes: This blurb in the Star caught my eye, especially as someone asked me about it as we drove past Morse last weekend. Apparently Cicero's Waterfront restaurant closed at the end of September.

Chains Struggling in Economic Downturn? We could only hope it was true. I think the larger question was will all these casual dining chains start to slow their growth if people start eating at home more. Alas, the Star reports that basically, people who go to Cracker Barrel will continue going to Cracker Barrel. Which seems like it's own reward, really. This sort of says it all:

"I have no plans to give up eating out anytime soon," said Mark Stalwich, who had stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Greenfield on the way to Richmond. "There are plenty of other things I would give up before I'll give up a good meal cooked by someone else."


Indy Steve said...

I'm excited to see what The Goose has to offer. I work right around the corner so it is way more convenient for me than Kahn's on Keystone.
I've also been looking forward to the Cuban cafe for awhile. I just wish it wasn't purely a lunch place. I recently went to a really good cuban place in New York and would love for a restarant like that here. I want actual cuban entrees, not just a cuban-style sandwich.

scubachef said...

"I want actual cuban entrees"

There used to be a good restaurant around 71st and Michigan Rd called Guayacan that served Cuban and Puerto Rican food, but it closed or relocated. Yat's has a tasty version of Ropa Vieja, but you never know when it will show up on the menu.

Matt said...

I am very excited to try out The Goose. Word on the street is that they will have an amazing downstairs full of great craft beer and wine.

terrykirts said...

The original word was that TaTa's was going to be open on Friday and Saturday for dinner serving mojitos and offering live Cuban music. Not sure if that will happen right from the start or not. I drove by there last night, and the door was open. The place is tiny, but it's got a ton of stuff inside--almost too much. This will definitely be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry scuba, the words: "actual, Cuban, and Yats" should never be used in the same sentence, especially when prefaced by the word "tasty".

And Kirts, you get up too early.

John said...

I stopped by the Goose today (wasn't open until Tuesday). Looked great, but prices looked very high. Traders Point Yogurt was - if I read correctly - $6.75 a bottle! Yikes!

braingirl said...

I popped in today and made a note of the yoghurt price -- Trader's Point in the bottle was, I think, $5.80.