Monday, October 15, 2007

New Blog -- Going Local

Hey, kids, check out Going Local, a new food blog from Victoria Wesseler focused on local foods, purveyors, and producers in Indiana. So far, she's covered everything from organic greens to hot sauce, and she's just getting started. With so many amazing Indiana producers making everything from caviar to cheese, I have no doubt she'll find lots to cover. Welcome to the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Braingirl. Looks like that market on Delaware is about to take off:

keep up the great work. I look at the site everyday.

scubachef said...

COOL! I'm so f'n sick of Boar's Head (flavorless, woodpulp) products taking over every deli case in town. Bring back quality meats. I'm ready to get Goosed!