Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey, kids, we're slowly making our way into the 21st Century with our own domain name! I set it up so there's no redirect. No need to change a thing or re-set your aggregators, readers, or favorites list. But if you're telling people to check us out, you can now simply send them to

The regular URL works, too, and many of you know that simply typing "Feed Me Drink Me" into Google gets you here as well. Thanks all for your readership this year -- November has been a banner month with over 18,000 of you reading, commenting and taking the quiz.

Quiz Answer: I thought it would be a softball and it mostly was. A capon is to a rooster as a steer is to a bull. That is, a capon is a castrated male chicken which produces a docile bird with tender meat. They're usually fed well and longer than mass-produced chickens making for bigger, fattier birds. You can buy them at the grocery store and they make for tasty eating. They're great for slow roasting. No word on what they do with the male chicken bits (where out in the West, we take the male calf bits and bread them, fry them, and serve them at a large BBQ called a "calf fry". The bits we eat are, coincidently, called "calf fries" among other things.) I have no idea what a capon or its bits would be like dried and ground as a spice. And 88 percent of you got it right!

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