Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Plastic Banned and a Dog Gone

What's Your Bag? Grocery stores in SF have until Dec 1 to modify their standard "paper or plastic" question. They now are required to provide only grocery bags made of 40% recycled paper or special compostible plastic, both much more expensive than the standard, chain store provided bags. What they're hoping is that shoppers will get in the habit of bringing their own canvas bags to the store for their shopping. But even with forcing the elimination of the plastic sack by chain groceries and pharmacies, one supervisor notes that nearly 95,000 small businesses aren't covered by the city-wide law and will continue to use standard plastic (or the famous pink plastic bags). The law was passed in March and goes into effect in less than two weeks. Dog owners all over the Bay Area scramble for poop scooping alternatives. Via NPR.

On the Internet, No One Knows You're a Dog: We join local wine blogger Wine Canine in saying goodbye to his beloved alter-ego, weimaraner M. Zane Grey. Zane died after an emergency surgery over the weekend for an intestinal problem. While Zane didn't actually compose the posts over at the blog that bears his name, he was the inspiration, and his owner, Mark Finch, will miss him greatly. Lift a glass in his honor -- his owner will be toasting with the Schlumberger 2004 Les Prince Abbes Pinot Gris -- a fine quaff from the Alsace and a fitting tribute. More at Winecanine.com.

Slut? Butt? Gut? Hut? Mutt? Putt? Tut? Hershey sues over infringement after a parody shirt mutates one of their trademarked marketing phrases. What's not clear is a) why they're suing in Indiana other than both companies do business here and Indiana has a triple damages rule, and b) what the offending phrase really was. "Sometimes you feel like a ___, sometimes you don't!"

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