Monday, December 17, 2007

All Around the Town

Welcome to all you new folks who've posted or emailed me in the past week or two to say you read on a regular basis and love the blog! We have some cool new stuff in the works for 2008 and I'm looking forward to lots more great food and wine! In the meantime, here are some cool goodies from the past few snowy days. (Nothing like digging your car out at the airport wearing hose and heels.) Here's some new stuff and a few updates on things you readers have asked us to check on.

Interview with The Goose: I was so pleased to read this interview with Chef Christopher Eley and thanks to you folks who sent pointers to me as well. Not only do I think it's great that he loves "working from home" so he can see his dog (and his lovely wife) but I also dig that he says Pink Floyd is the best music to cure a ham to! Swine worship daily at The Goose Market, 25th and Delaware.

Paul Laurant: So a few of you asked about the champagne I wouldn't name without further research a week or two ago. Light, very elegant, and perfect with salty snacks. I'm ready to reveal -- it's the Paul Laurant Champagne Brut. Call your local retailer but it's likely to be a special order. Buy a case. It's the holidays!

Cabo Mexican Grill Closed: Quite a few readers have reported that Cabo Mexican Grill downtown didn't make it. After opening early in the summer, they've closed their doors. No word on the factors but the location was a little tough, parking was difficult (I speak from personal experience) for the little counter style fast casual place to make it.

Scholar's Inn Closes to Remodel: Official word has been slow in coming so let's hope Julia at The Dish can get a little more, but so far as we know (and Cory has confirmed) is that Scholar's Inn will close in January. (I've heard varying reports on the actual close date and they're still taking reservations in January so I hope they call so people don't show up for dinner and find a locked door.) Rumors I've heard say they'll re-tool as an upscale martini place, but who knows. They say they'll reopen in the spring. I hope they don't scrap those great 80s blue and green over-the-top chairs!

Don't Cry for Me Argentina: No surprise, but the Argentinian place downtown is late in opening. The building still looks like a bit of wreck so I'll be curious to hear when they update their schedule. (Rule number 1 when it comes to opening a restaurant: It always takes longer than you think.) The original opening date was July.


bhorg said...

Re: Cabo

The sign on the door says they are closed for re-modeling issues. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't make it though. Even though the food is good, people are way to into Qdoba (unfortunately). The location isn't that great either.

Biscuitcleaver said...

Is There a new Argentinian restaurant coming in? Where will it be?

braingirl said...

Use the search box at the top and search for "Argentinian" -- the previous posts on it should come up pretty easily.

Anonymous said...

Scholars Inn is set to close January 1, 2008. Owners say they will reopen within 2 months, although with the amount of work they will be doing, who knows how long it will take. The blue hues will not remail. I urge all those to take their hard earned dollars to another independent place that has more respect for their employees.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have had a flood of people of people looking for jobs that Scholars left out in the cold. They don't have a lot of good things to say anymore.