Monday, December 03, 2007

Q: What's Your Favorite Gourmet Shop

Readers ask me often about my favorite shops, but the other day, when someone asked me about the best gourmet shop in town, I didn't have a ready answer. I tend to go to particular places for certain items and others for inspiration. So, dear readers, a question for you: What are your favorite gourmet shops? Where do you go for tasty tidbits or hard to find items? Where do you purchase little necessities like candy cups, butcher's twine, or silpats?

Most importantly, where do you go for inspiration and ideas? What gourmet or cooking stores get your food motor running?


Scott Hutcheson, Indiana said...

In Indy, I go here and there. Although it is a bit of a drive for Indy folks, one of the best in the state, in my opinion, is KitchenArt in West Lafayette ( Well-stocked, informed staff, the whole package.


Anonymous said...

For me it's usually a restaurant supply that sells to the public, such as Zoll Zesco or Central Restaurant Supply. There's nothing fancy or "gourmet" about these places, and they often sell basic items in bulk (a dozen shot glasses, anyone?) but they're sometimes the best source for commercial-quality items at reasonable prices. Where else can you get steel tongs for the barbecue that last for 12 years but cost $1.50?

braingirl said...

I *love* restaurant supply stores. Good basics -- sometimes much better than the expensive stuff -- and all those things I'd love but don't have room for like chafing dishes, cases and cases of glassware, and all sorts of plates!

It's a great place to go for inspiration as much as equipment.