Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Three Latest and Best

Dinner at Columbia Club: While I'm not convinced I like the new dining room set-up at the Columbia Club, it certainly was a wonderful way to dine during the holidays. The greens, high windows, and roaring fire show the room off at its best. Also pretty good is Chef Knopp's latest menu. My favorites? The open faced seafood ravioli in a delicious tarragon broth and the chocolate chip shortbread for dessert. Complete with good wine and better company, it was a great way to celebrate the holidays!

Bologna from Fischer Farms: If you love Dave Fischer's all natural, hormone-free, anti-biotic free, corn-fed beef and pork, then you'll love his latest -- Fischer Farms Bologna. Fischer worked on the 80% beef/20% pork recipe with Sanders Processing. With lots of black pepper and spices, it's certainly a step up from the pink grocery store "baloney" we grew up. No white bread or mayo required. Find it at Georgetown Market or by request at The Goose and Winding Way Farms.

A Winter Night at the Chatterbox: This old school jazz club tucked away on Mass Ave reminds me why I love this city. On a cold Christmas Eve, people were crammed into every available space for the annual Christmas carol sing-a-long. And sing we all did. As the evening wore on, the pianist opened up the piano, drinks flowed freely, all made merry, and I wouldn't have been anywhere else but tucked into my warm seat between friends turning the pages on the home-made songbook, harmonizing (sometimes out of tune), and sharing the season.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to be a member or know a member to dine at the Columbia Club?

braingirl said...

Yes -- you have to be a member or guest of a member. But if you're interested in joining and want to try the dining room, I'm guessing a call to the club manager might do the trick.