Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today's Market Basket

After yesterday's rainy gloom, I finally ventured out of the house this afternoon, bored and hungry. This is the time of year that I get so tired of the regular grocery store, and with half a savoury bread pudding sitting in my refrigerator, I really didn't want to cook anything. (This is the time of the winter when my diet turns "all white" if I'm not careful -- pasta, bread, potatoes, cheese grits. I call it comfort food. My hips call it 10 new pounds.)

So, after running a few errands, I stopped in at The Goose looking for inspiration. Just talking about great food with Christopher and Mollie makes me feel better. And finding a few new tidbits Christopher had just finished making really made my night. What was in my basket?

** Cotechino: A traditional Italian sausage made for the new year. It's most often served with beans and polenta, but I'm going to use mine in the black eyed peas I'll make on New Year's Day. It will make a fine substitution for the traditional bacon -- and should taste great with buttermilk cornbread.

** Boudin Noir: I had to confirm that what I was looking at was really blood sausage, but this French version has pieces of onion, apple and spices all in a creamy, rich, and sweet black base. If you can eat foie gras, you can eat this amazingly creamy fresh sausage spiced heavily with cloves. If you don't think about what you're eating, it's so delicious!

** "Hot" Chocolate Ice Cream: Once again, Nicole Anderson of H2O Sushi has made the creamiest, richest ice cream and even better, she's loaded this traditional chocolate with cayenne pepper. I've long loved heat and chocolate in one bite, but this is truly decadent.

** Blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto: Yes, I could make these at home, but why when they're so good when Christopher makes them!

** 2006 Briccotondo Fontanafredda Barbera: This little drinker is a knockout for the money at $13.99 and it's become a weeknight favorite. Look for this one as it's showing up on a few restaurant wine lists in town.

For someone who queried me about truffles, they have black truffles by the jar downstairs along with new pastas, crackers, and treats. (Including three kinds of Vosges chocolate!) And if you're thinking about attending the International Wine Auction on March 8 benefiting the Zoo, you'll be able to bid on a special package from The Goose -- 1 pound of charcuterie and a bottle of wine each month for a year.


Joanna said...

I tasted a German blood sausage called mustripen last year while visiting family in rural Wisconsin. It is made seasonally up there, and is considered a local cultural delicacy. My in-laws had raved about it- and I finally tried it. You're right- if you don't think about what you're eating, it's good!

Monique said...

I haven't been to the Goose yet and it's only just a few blocks from where I live. Shame on me. I probably should have gone there before I started Weight Watchers again!