Sunday, December 09, 2007

What Happens When Foodies Get Sick?

Ack! The horrible has happened! A cold! Yesterday, I spent the day napping and drinking hot tea with a bad sore throat and sniffly nose. After 12 hours of sleep, knocked out with cold medicine I had to produce ID to buy, I'm better, but still a little headachey and stuffed up. While most people hate colds because they have to miss work or can't deal with the kids, why do foodies hate to be sick? It blows the palette! Tonight is the holiday Chaine dinner at L'explorateur and should be an amazing wine dinner (no pressure, Chef), but I can't afford to be sick. I want to be able to enjoy the 8 courses with pairings! (Cold medicine is out due to the alcohol connection.) I'm working really hard to be 100% so I can make sure my notes are decipherable. I'm taking lots of zinc, but most importantly, trying to uncoat my tounge before five p.m.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon!

braingirl said...

Thanks! I'm just back from a lovely party and the Chaine dinner and feel pretty good. (I hate drinking when you're sick but I must not be too bad --did pretty well.)