Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brothers, Bugg's and King Corn

Ahh, took a few needed days off from blogging. Ran into a pack of fellow food folks at The Oceanaire Thursday night and also at Meridian. (Here's a big shout out to our fans at Bradley and Montgomery!)

Brothers Bar and Grill Not a Done Deal? A breeze blowing in from Broad Ripple says that while midwestern chain Brothers Bar and Grill has purchased the building planned for their future location -- now housing the trophy shop and Union Jack's, the Broad Ripple Village Association has *not* granted formal approval for the chain (featuring such erudite specials as "no cover before 9 p.m." and "$1 Jaeger bombs") to open their bar on the corner. Next hurdle will be their liquor hearing -- although I can't imagine it will be much of a debate. Many of us can't imagine BRVA won't eventually stand behind the deal, but here's hoping some of groups who want to clean up Broad Ripple speak up along the way.

A New Chef at 14 West: Somewhere I missed the news that Brandon Hamilton had moved on from 14 West. No matter, they're making the rounds with the recently promoted sous chef, Layton Roberts. I haven't been in yet, but hear the sweetbreads are off the menu. Lobster-brie mac and cheese is still on.

Bugg's *Still* Working out Problems: In this week's NUVO, new food writer Jennifer Litz has a review taking Bugg's Tavern to task and rightly so. When a restaurant is out of beer and wine inventory, out of food items, and generally trimming their menu back -- with ongoing service issues -- it's usually a sign of trouble. Too bad, since all reports are Chef Brad Gates is still doing fantastic work in the kitchen. I know everyone wants to see this place succeed even despite themselves, but I sure hope someone is paying attention. And Jennifer, welcome to Indianapolis food!

King Corn Documentary: (This post should have been "What I Learned Reading NUVO Today".) The best part of The Omnivore's Dilemma was the section on how we're all becoming walking corn chips. If you're interested in more information on how corn -- and our seeming addiction to it in America -- -- is affecting our environment and health, check out Curt Ellis documentary, King Corn. Screened by NUVO as part of their Social Justice Series. 7:00 p.m., Thursday, January 17, Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church (at New York and East Streets).

R Bistro Is Hiring: Regina is looking for a new line cook for lunches at R Bistro. (Stop it! Stop kicking me under the table! Stop!)

Quiz Answer: Celeriac is a member of the celery family but is grown for it's tasty root -- so it's often called "celery root". Celery root is a popular ingredient in soups and salads. Sorry, no dice on the fennel bulb answer. Fennel bulb is another ingredient altogether. 78% got it right.


Chicagoan said...

Yes, Jennifer welcome to Indianapolis food!

Not all restaurants are as bad as Bugg's Temple.

bakerman said...

I believe Buggs' days are limited. I've had lunch there twice and the crowd was sparse. The building construction went on forever, so the cash flow better improve soon or it's curtains. Is the Nuvo review the death knell?

braingirl said...

I wouldn't go so far as to believe a Nuvo review could cause that kind of response, and it's the last one in a long line. (They all seem pretty consistently mixed -- great food with lots of service and front of house bugs.) What I can't understand is why/how Gates isn't frustrated with the overall result. His food certainly isn't the problem. I've yet to be disappointed with a dish there. But the rest of it? Wine/Beer inventory problems? A wine list that's *still* not up to fine dining standards? Really sub-par fine dining service? These guys have had months to get these bugs worked out. And it's impossible not to compare them to Meridian, the other comparable opening this fall that opened effortlessly and smoothly by comparison.

Maybe business hasn't been that bad and Bugg's is doing great! I've certainly been in on some nights when they had more business than they could handle.

SCUBAchef said...

braingirl said: (about Buggs')
"I've yet to be disappointed with a dish there."

Apparently you haven't tried their risotto yet. I was there with about a dozen people on New Year's Eve, and just about everyone had complaints about the food; from large, but taste-devoid shrimp, to overly-salty confit, to mealy/un-creamy risotto (especially bad when compared to the excelent version at Meridian). If only I could do a better Gordon Ramsay impressiion, I had the material for an award-winning rant (You Donkey!.

braingirl said...

Oooh, that's too bad. I'm sorry to hear it. New Year's Eve is a bad night to have problems -- lots of people and lots of people who *talk* about it afterwards.

CorrND said...

I seriously doubt Buggs Temple would fold before they even see what business looks like during warmer weather. Fairbanks Hall (east side at the head of the canal) is expected to be completed this summer, so that should also provide a lunch-time boost.

Still, they better have the kinks worked out by then!