Thursday, January 24, 2008

Q: Favorite Restaurant Dish

Have some deadlines today and no post prepared, so I'm going to let you all comment for a while. Here's the question: What's your favorite restaurant dish -- past or present in town? Got a favorite ribeye? Appetizer? Seafood preparation? What is it? Where can we find it? Who cooks it?


SCUBAchef said...

Favorite past dish would probably be the Smoked Duck Ravioli appetizer at Dunnaway's. With that gone, I've had little reason to return. Another appetizer that has remained consistently tasty over 15+ years (since it's previous incarnation as Bangkok)is the Kung Tod (fried shrimp) at Thai Taste. Not just your run-of-the-mill tempura; similar to, but more flavorful (shrimpier) than the "corndogs" @ Oakleys IMHO.

wank said...

Whatever oysters the Oceanaire is shucking today OR the 'The Bomb' at Some Guys Pizza OR the Basil Ginger Chicken at Shanghai Lil.

SCUBAchef said...

A couple places on East 10th that I've been meaning to checkout for a few weeks, but haven't yet tried, are Peachie's Soul Food (hoping for good smokey greens) and Taste of Cleveland (I don't necessarily associate Cleveland with good eats, but I love Corbo's cookies). Maybe this weekend.

zcalgal said...

The lobster macaroni and cheese at 14 West was one of the first things we discovered when we moved to the Indy area two years ago...decadently delicious!
Villaggio in Zionsville has a pasta dish I crave; large flattened rigatoni-type pasta with chuncks of both eggplant and a wonderfully spiced sausage in an excellent red sauce. They finish it off with dollops of ricotta cheese on top.

Donald said...

I've had a dry-aged ribeye at Peterson's that is probably the best steak I've had outside of real Kobe beef in Japan.

The sweetbreads at L'Explorateur are pretty damn tasty.

The Padd Kemau at Thai Spice.

Kirsten said...

That's hard! B&B at Yats, the beets at Hollyhock Hill, and the Vegetarian version of Bimbimbap at Naked Tchopstix are all contenders. And they're all B-words. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

At least once a winter I feed a craving for haggis and black bread at Macnivens. Volcano roll at Sansui, pizza at Stefano's are always on the "can eat anytime, anyday" list.

Biscuitcleaver said...

Ropa Vieja from Yats. (makes it extra special when it's around)

Playboy roll from naked chopstix

Quattro Formagio from bazbeaux pizza.

I gotta start eating classier food, I suppose.

braingirl said...

I'm pretty partial to that quattro fromagio myself.

I'd have to add for cravables:

*Portabello "fries" from Peterson's
*Maple butternut squash soup from Oakley's
*the wedge salad from Mo's; chop salad from Ruth's Chris
*bacon panini sandwich from RBistro (lunch)
*scotch eggs from MacNiven's
*foie gras profiteroles from L'Ex
*lately, I've been stuck on the smoked corn puree soup and shrimp risotto from Meridian
*Mexican guac from El Macquey
*green curry from Swasadee

Donald said...

Damn... forgot about the scotch eggs from MacNiven's. Those are tasty!

CorrND said...

I second the bacon panini at R Bistro. And I'll throw the margherita pizza from Eh! Formaggio and the pad thai from Thai Cafe on there as well. Oh, and the pommes frites at Brugge with ANY sauce.

k said...

-Spinach and mushroom etoufee from Yats
-Mattar paneer from India Garden
-Carrot cake from Cafe Patachou
-Jolly hot roll from Wasabi

and my number one most-craved thing to eat in Indianapolis, EVER:

-plain Yogokiss (sour, Pinkberry-style fro yo) topped with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I am absolutely dying while they're closed for the winter.

braingirl said...

Where is yogokiss?

(And add one of my top 10 cravable dishes -- the chicken tikka masala from India Garden.)

misemici said...

Essential Edibles used to do a stir-fried tofu dish with brown rice that was amazing.

The jerk pork at Caribbean Spice makes me want to eat nothing else but jerk pork.

Wasabi's yellowtail roll with the ponzu sauce. God I'm hungry.

k said...

Yogokiss is on 96th Street between Keystone and Allisonville, in a strip mall (the one with Jasmine Thai, Jimmy John's, and Moon Dog). When it was open, I probably drove up from downtown at least 4 times per week for my fix.

It's the only Korean-style frozen yogurt place I have found in Indiana (and one of the few in the Midwest).

DMC said...

Whatever is on special at Some Guys (unless there is feta on it).

Years ago, Kona Jack's had a seafood pasta in a lemon cream sauce. The memory still haunts me.

Chili cheese etoufee at Yats.

My meatloaf. Oops, not a restaurant dish, but it could be!

Thanks for this me a new list of restaurants.

SCUBAchef said...

DMC said:
"Years ago, Kona Jack's had a seafood pasta in a lemon cream sauce. The memory still haunts me."

Oooo. That reminds me of the Salmon Wellington they used to have at Midtown Grill. Moist, tender salmon in a delicious lemony sauce, all wrapped in a perfect pastry. How is Midtown these days? I haven't been in years.

Sarah said...

B.O.T at Bazbeaux
Green Curry at Thai Cafe
Hot and Green buffalo burger at Ted's Montana Grill
Bob's Roll at Ocean World
Basil Dijon wrap at the Abbey
Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish Grill

Anonymous said...

Past: any of the various ragus that Tony Hanslits used to make at Tavola as well as that super awesome monkfish. Bacon-wrapped shrimp at SNAX

Present: chicken tikka masala from Shalimar (just had last night, yum), roasted chicken at Meridian, braised duck tamales at Adobo Grill

SCUBAchef said...

"chicken tikka masala from Shalimar"

Mostly just as a dip for two (or three) orders of Peshwari Naan (with nuts and raisins).

Oh, and a Lamb Ragu I had recently at Buggs' was right up there with the best from Tavola.

Karissa said...

Crab cakes @ Oceanaire
Playboy roll @ Naked Tchoptix

Brendan said...

#78 at Saigon is where it's at. Vermicelli, grilled lemongrass beef, pickled vegetables, egg rolls, and fish sauce. All the Vietnamese restaurants in town have this dish, but it's the best at Saigon.

And am I seriously the first person to say hamachi carpaccio? I dream about it.

DBurrL said...

Lobster Bisque at Enrico's.
Shrimp Kashmiri at India Garden (Broad Ripple location).
Plantain Gratin at L'explorateur.
Maple Butternut Squash Soup at Oakley's.
Masaman Curry at Sawasadee.

Long Gone: Hamburger at Al Green's.