Thursday, January 31, 2008

Q: What to Try?

I've got lots of newsy stuff for Friday, but in the meantime, here's another open thread. What restaurant in town (or surrounds) have you yet to try? What's on your list? What are you dying to try or have yet to get to? Any particular dishes? Share! Come on, you know you want to.


Anonymous said...

1. L'Explorateur
2. Meridian
3. Petite Chou

glossy said...

Bonges Tavern

glossy said...

Matteo's in Noblesville (in my neck-o-the-woods) is great. Ask the waiter for the eggplant/oil/pepper appetizer that is not on the menu to eat with your bread.

Regarding Bonges Tavern in Perkinsville--You may just want to put it on your list for the spring/summer. You tailgate (bring your own alcoholic drinks and some chairs) while you wait for your seats and it is best enjoyed during the warmer months. It is like upscale dining/food meet nascar tailgating sans the nakedness. I enjoy your perspective and comments.

zcalgal said...

Having just moved here two years ago and the challenges of the availabiltiy of babysitters for our young'uns the list is much longer than I would like. Topping the list? Elements and Oceanaire.

Jim said...

Same as anonymous-

1. L'Ex (will be eating there at the February beer dinner)
2. Meridian
3. Petite Chou

In addition:
1. Asian Spice
2. Papa Roux Cajun Restaurant.

Agree with glossy that Bonges is a great summertime destination.

SCUBAchef said...

Forty Five Degrees! And they're slated for an opening in January!! Just 14 hours left!!! Here's hoping!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to give L'Explorateur a second chance...first time has some problems, but I keep hearing such great stuff, I am going to go back.

Some off the beaten path/new recommendations:
1. Tegrey Bistro for sushi in Brownsburg
2. Z's Steakhouse for fresh Hawaiian fish like Opah and Ono
3. Zest for fantastic creme brulee french toast
4. King David Dogs for a taste of summer (grilled hot dogs and tater tots!)

SCUBAchef said...

Anon said:
"King David Dogs"

I want to love this place. I anticipated its opening, and was there one of the very first days it opened. I was hoping they might even have Italian Beefs, but no (with Mr. J's gone, Indy is, sadly, bereft of Beef); but a good hotdog stand can stand on its own merits. But the DOGS, the stars of the show, were just wrong; overly firm, almost pickled in texture, and too large. So, at this time, the only encased meat that has my endorsement is the beer-boiled-then-grilled brat (Claus') from the BR Brew Pub. How has Indy lost all connection to it's once proud German roots?

k said...

1. The doughnuts at Meridian
2. Ichiban sushi in Greenwood
3. Taj of India on 86th
4. Sawasdee

Your bartender said...

Hey there! I've been waiting for an open thread to ask this... the Boyfriend has heard that there is a new place in town similar to the old New Orleans House. He thinks it is on the Northeast side. Does anyone know where and what he might be talking about? Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I totally respect your opinion about King David, everyone has their own tastes. But their hot dog is very traditional, made by Usinger Meats in Milwaukee and is part of a forty year tradition. It was sold around Indy since in 1940s with lots of ardent followers. Personally, I love that skinless, all beef tube of deliciousness. If any of you readers out there haven't been there, you should at least give it a try for yourself. And don't miss the tater tots!

braingirl said...

re: Indy's connection to once proud German roots

Not sure that King David Dogs can be blamed for not fitting in with German style sausage making. For one thing, they're beef. If I recall correctly, that was part of the deal with the orignal King David Dogs -- they were kosher. Our German style sausage making is alive and well -- you just have to go it instead of it coming to you. Clause Muth still does a pretty spectacular job and while brats, bockwursts, Polish and Italian sausages have all gone out of style on restaurant menus, the fact we have a shop like Claus' doing great business is pretty remarkable. You just have to drive down there.

Claus still imports all his spices from Germany (at great cost) and last I spoke to him, goes through about 2500 pounds of pork in a busy week.

And the King David Tater Tots are possibly one of my favorite foods in town.

Sanjay said...

Zest for fantastic creme brulee french toast King David Dogs for a taste of summer