Thursday, February 07, 2008

Buggs and The Goose

What's Up at Bugg's? Rumors are flying that Bugg's Temple or a portion of the building are up for sale (or being floated to see if there's any interest.) In the past week, I've heard various versions that the fine dining restuarant, middle floor restaurant and patio, or the entire operation is up for sale. No one wants to see anyone fail, but experienced restauranteurs will tell you 12-18 months -- if not longer -- is the time you need to see green. More when I hear something concrete.

Sweetbreads Are Coming: Plate o' Thymus! Just the other day French Laundry at Home made the Veal Sweetbreads with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Belgian Endive, and Black Truffle Sauce. She makes sweetbreads look easy! And wouldn't you know, The Goose will have sweetbreads on a fairly regular basis beginning in the next couple of weeks. (Along with Swiss Connection Cheese. Look for the Flora and the Pazia, a local, whole milk Parmesean-style cheese.)


bakerman said...

As I said in a previous post, I thought Buggs' time was going to be fleeting. I don't see how anyone could survive such a long time of negative cash flow (the 2 year? renovation), with the open tables that I witnessed.

CorrND said...

I'm not surprised that Buggs is not making money yet. I am surprised, however, that they would even consider throwing in the towel yet. They're exactly the kind of operation that will make like 80% of their revenue during warm months. So far, they've basically ONLY been open during cold months. On top of that, they'll get free advertising from the natural draw of the canal.

This is not to say that their concept is necessarily a winning one -- I'd argue that a more downscale operation would be much more successful -- but to call any canal restaurant concept dead before testing it during warm weather is simply crazy.

Anonymous said...

ants in tha pants...of investors.

Biscuitcleaver said...

Yeah, I agree. I plan to go a lot more when the canal opens back up in the warmer months.

Seems silly to walk over the in the cold. Unless you can find street parking.

IndyIndie said...

I would also like to see some appropriate signage on the building. It is hard to run a business when you have to rely on people that know where it is to come. Passers-by do take note.