Friday, February 01, 2008

Clean out the Refrigerator Friday

Maybe it's just the time of year, but man am I ever hearing some wacky rumors out there . I'll post when I can substantiate any of them. In the meantime, here are some bits and pieces that I need to post before they get funky. (And we all know how I hate leftovers.)

Cost Plus World Market: Look for Cost Plus World Market chain, the wine/food/furniture/bazaar, to trim up business by laying off 10 percent of their workforce and closing 18 underperforming stores. They haven't announced yet which stores so no word on whether or not the Indianapolis store at 116th and Keystone will be affected. They've seen a slowdown in their housewares and furniture sales and plan to change up their inventory a bit focusing more heavily on their wine, craft beer, and specialty food sections. (Via Natural-Specialty Foods Memo)

Starbucks Gives Breakfast Sandwiches the Boot: They said it's because they smelled so delicious that it made people forget about the coffee. It think it's because they weren't that good -- and put their barristas in the business of heating and serving. Like it or not, Starbucks is getting back to its somewhat dubious coffee roots. Via Serious Eats.

Seven More Deadly Sins: Last year, even with a surprise blizzard, Chef Neal Brown at L'explorateur treated us all to a feast with one course for each of the seven deadly sins -- from sloth to greed to envy and lust. If you missed it (or if you didn't), he'll do it again this year on Wednesday, February 13. Wine pairings included. $95 per perso (plus tax and tip)

Beer and Food Symposium: And as promised, on Wednesday, February 27 Neal is also putting on the first of what he hopes could be many beer dinners at L'explorateur -- five courses paired with craft beer. If you were interested in the fine dining discussion here or over at Hoosier Beer Geeks, make your reservation! $65 per person (plus tax and tip)

Just in Time for SuperBowl Weekend: Harold McGee gives us the real story on double dipping highlighting a formal research study that shows what we all already knew -- double dipping is gross! It really does transfer bacteria into the dip. The kind of dip makes a difference, too. (From the NY Times)

The more acidic water samples had somewhat fewer bacteria, and the numbers of bacteria declined with time. But the acidic salsa picked up higher initial numbers of bacteria than the cheese or chocolate, because it was runny. The thicker the dip, the more stuck to the chip, and so the fewer bacteria were left behind in the bowl.

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