Sunday, February 24, 2008

Food Fight Winners!

Great work to all the cheftestants in last night's PACE/OAR Food Fight fundraiser. Hosted at The Chef's Academy, three chefs participated in the inaugural event using individual kitchens and cooking from a mystery basket. Ingredients included a chicken, purple potatoes, risotto, peppers, red pearl onions, asparagus, bell peppers and shitake mushrooms. Each chef had two hours and two student assistants to complete their dishes.

First prize went to Chef Sean Bartosiak, the executive chef at Kiss Z Cook in Carmel. A Cooking and Hospitality Institute grad from Chicago, he's a Something Different alum with Steve Oakley, pre-Oakley's Bistro days. Second place was Chef Daniel Carter who after stints as executive stints at the Downtown Marriott and Convention Center is co-owner of Delectable Comfort Cuisine Catering. And third place was Steve Ongley, currently a student at The Chef's Academy and working with Chef Kathy Jones at the new Bistro de Paris in Carmel. (Many will recognize Steve from Goose, the Market where he's often behind the counter!)

Great work by the organizers, chefs, and students -- (and special thanks for the excellent goody basket for us judges.) And a shout out to Jill Ditmire of Mass Avenue Wine Shoppe for pouring such great wines and Alcatraz for the microbrew.

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