Monday, February 04, 2008

Noblesville, Breaking Away, and a Healthy Victory

Who Wants to Open in Noblesville? Who says we food folks don't all talk? A few prominent food lovers have noted the availability of some prime restaurant space right on the Noblesville square in the former Lake and Lodge Outfitters space. (A recent Star article.) Matteo Di Rosa and his wife, Emily, are currently renovating the space and looking for someone who wants to open a restaurant in the ground floor. They are also still operating their eponymous eatery, Matteo's.

The Best Breakaway Blog: Eric Gower, one of the coolest chefs and cookbook authors I know, finally has his own blog, Breakaway Cook! Gower's latest cookbook, The Breakaway Cook and one of my all-time favorites, The Breakaway Japanese Kitchen, takes traditional cuisines and adds updated and unique ingredients for a fresh and flavorful approach. Plus, he almost singlehandedly brought matcha back in style last year with his amazing salts. Check out his knock out recipe for umami salt. Drool....

Indiana Anti-Milk Labeling Bill Defeated: In a victory for small Indiana diarys and customers who want to buy artificial hormone-free milk, the sponsor of Indiana House Bill 1300 withdrew the bill last week due to a lack of support. The bill would have made it illegal for dairies in Indiana to label milk as "Artificial Growth Hormone Free" putting small producers who make a point to keep natural herds at a disadvantage. Natural small dairies often only milk one to two times per day -- and some follow seasonal schedules allowing their herds to "go dry" in the winter months before calving season begins. Mega-dairies often milk cows as often as three times a day --year round -- with the aid of artificial growth hormones to stimulate production. The bill is off the table for this House for this session but opponents are keeping an eye on the Senate docket. Special thanks for rallying the troups to Todd Jameson at the Carmel-based CSA Balanced Harvest. (And Christine Barbour for getting it out to her list.)

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