Friday, February 29, 2008

Q: What Wine Laws to Fix?

Happy Leap Day! It's been a little quiet around here lately! Time to open up! So, here's an open question for you. The annual fix-it bill for Indiana's alcohol laws is working its way through the legislature. This bill is the yearly cleanup usually loaded with issues on licenses, consumption, wholesale and even retail issues. There's nothing earth-shattering in this year's bill although one change would make it legal, finally, to take your own wine to venues like Symphony on the Prairie, something most folks already do. What wine/alcohol issues would you most like to see fixed *next* year?


J. Silverheels Gray said...

Oh my, where to start?

For one thing, it would be nice if adults could ship legally-purchased items to other adults without committing a felony. Again, this is a law that is often ignored — it's hard to estimate how much wine dropped off at UPS and FedEx is sent as "gourmet food items" — but it sure would be nice to remove the threat of getting a criminal record just for sending a gift. (And in the case of expensive bottles, it would also be nice to be able to purchase shipping insurance.)

Related to that, it would be a boon for some businesses if it were clearly allowable for retailers to ship alcohol. From gift baskets to Internet-based wine and spirits purveyors, there's money to be made there — and taxes to be collected.

Make it legal for minors to go into liquor stores, so their parents don't have to leave them in the car while they shop. Allow restaurants to give diners the option of bringing their own wine. Pass enabling legislation so that businesses could rent secure, temperature- and humidity-controlled cellar space to clients.

Or best of all, throw away all the stupid, nonsensical laws that have been added to the books by lobbyists and special interest groups over the years ("OK, you can both sell cold wine, but you can sell cold beer and you can't. And you can sell cold soft drinks, but you can't unless they're in a machine outside your front door...." And so on.) and replace them with a few based on logic and the principles of free trade.

Sorry for the long-winded answer — this is one of those topics that sends me directly into rant mode....

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge alcohol is and always has been allowed on Conner Prairie property. In fact during the Indiana Festival they set up beer and wine tents.

braingirl said...

Alcohol may be allowed on a property, but with our laws, it's usually a problem when you bring your own instead of purchasing it on site.

The relevant section reads:

"Allows an outdoor place of public entertainment used primarily in connection with live music concerts to allow a person to enter its establishment with alcoholic beverages and consume the alcoholic beverages on the premises."

Anonymous said...

what about making it legal to purchase alcohol on sundays?