Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Vosges Chocolate at The Goose

Five kinds of Vosges chocolate bars now at The Goose. Holy moly these are good. Hey, it's winter! We all have SAD! The weather is miserable. Chocolate is a mood lifter so it's OK to spend money on it. It's like over-the-counter medication. Currently, they have:

Barcelona: smoked almonds, sea salt, deep milk chocolate
Black Pearl: ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds, dark chocolate (One of my personal favorites)
Mo's Bacon Bar: (Holy crap, you have to try this) Applewood smoked bacon, smoked salt, deep milk chocolate
Oaxaca -- guajillo and pasilla chilis, Tanzanian bittersweet chocolate (eating this right now)
Creole --New Orleans chicory coffee, cocoa nibs, Sao Thome bittersweet chocolate

And I'm warning you. Do *not* click over to look at the Vosges chocolate Easter bunnies. Seriously. Just. Don't. Do. It.


Mike said...

Even though we spent $5 on it, we threw our chocolate bacon bar away after a few nibbles - to each his/her own, I guess.

susan said...

Is the goose carrying the bunny rabbits? If so, I have 5,000 children I need to buy for.

Anonymous said...

Um, Susan?


J. Silverheels Gray said...

Northern suburbanite Vosges fans can find a pretty good assortment of the bars at Grapevine Cottage. They currently have the Calindia, Nago, Black Pearl, Gianduja, Goji, Wooloomooloo (woohoo – hemp seeds!), Barcelona and Red Fire bars in the 3 oz. size and the Gianduja, Red Fire, Wooloomooloo and Barcelona bars in the .5 oz. size. The Bacon Bars are sold out. And no bunnies, darn it.

Andrea said...

O.M.G. I tried the bacon bar today and it is delicious. I'm in Chicago and made it a priority to stop at Vosges....$150 later I'm set for awhile.

If you ever have a chance to stop at one of their stores do so. The clerks were so nice to me and even threw in some samples when I mentioned how much I liked the naga truffles. I bought other things and didn't get any this time.

SuzanneR said...

Lots of Vosges chocolates available at the counter at TASTE in Broad Ripple. Don't know what they sell for at Goose, but they are a couple of bucks less than what you can buy them for online. Now ... I love bacon. I love chocolate. I was ready for Nirvana ... but hated, absolutely HATED, the chocolate bacon bar. Love every other Vosges I have tried.