Thursday, March 20, 2008

Opentable Dot Com -- Random Noodlings

I really like I don't *love* it, but I like it a lot. Like, I could be married to it, but might have an affair and eventually leave if something better swept me off my feet. Sort of.

I'm almost at 2000 points so after dinner tonight I get a $20 "cheque" to use at an opentable restaurant. One can never look a $20 gift certificate in the mouth, even if it's really just rewards points for money already spent. Like any rewards points program, you have to manage it to see it really pay off. I never snagged a 1000-point reservation so I earned mine the hard way -- 100 points at a time!

But I digress. My real speculation is about future Devour Downtown Restaurant Weeks. Currently, 17 US cities have their restaurant weeks listed along with dates and promotional specials. It's great for Opentable and great for the sponsoring organization for restaurant week. It sure would be nice to see the Fall Devour Downtown show up on opentable making it easier for folks to make reservations (for restaurants) and to note if they plan to use the Devour Downtown restaurant week menu. That might help make it a little easier for chefs to plan and even draw those customers back again. I know the powers that be read here from time to time, so my suggestion is to find out what it takes to make this happen. There's no reason our two restaurant weeks shouldn't be just as well publicized as the other 17.


CorrND said...

I love hitting R Bistro on Wednesday at 6:30 for the 1000 pt bonus. Every-other time we go, we get $20 off!

braingirl said...

Yes! But where have they moved the 1000-pt reservations now? I can't find them!

CorrND said...

Yeah, the 1000 pt link seems to be gone. The way I see it now is by going to the main Indy listing page and trying to make a reservation without specifically selecting a restaurant. It then brings up a list of all restaurants and available times and if a time is eligible for 1000 pts, it's listed underneath the time.

The last time I checked, only R Bistro, Eagle's Nest and Danielli had 1000 pt offerings. And as of today, Danielli isn't even listed on Opentable!