Sunday, March 16, 2008

Single Glass Wine Aerator: Brilliant!

Stopped in last night to say a long overdue "hello" to Dave and Krissy Tallent at the fabulous Restaurant Tallent in Bloomington. If you don't know these fine chefs, you're missing two of the nicest, most knowledgeable, and plain coolest people in the state. The fact that they're two of the best chefs in Indiana doesn't hurt either. (Just had to get a little Tallent love out there!)

To celebrate her birthday, Krissy opened a bottle of earthy French goodness from 1989. Decant? Nope. She used a single glass aerator which provided even better results. The glass "funnel" with a plastic valve goes over the wine glass, wine pours into the funnel, and just seconds later (accompanied by a fine slurping sound, I might add), it's done. This is a wine gadget worth every penny even if you just experiment with it. And to my taste, it did a better job of aerating than an hour of sitting. Plus, you can aerate by the glass instead of decanting the entire bottle. Cost is about $40. Looks like you can purchase direct from the company or via Wine Enthusiast.


J. Silverheels Gray said...

Haven't tried one yet, but it sounds as though I should! They can be procured locally for $43.95, I've noticed.

danielle4q said...

I actually bought one through 'Wine Enthusiasts' Magazine and I ADORE this product. its amazing to taste the wine before and after. This just breathes SMOOTH into every glass.