Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool's Or Not? Sadly, Not

Kentucky Grilled Chicken Tests in Indianapolis: As if KFC isn't already late to the healthy eating party, they're test marketing their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken concept in six cities including Indianapolis. Don't look for anything earth-shattering here. It's basically their same chicken, offered "grilled" instead of battered and deep-fried. If the concept works, they'll roll out new signs and packaging. (Other test cities including Colorado Spring, Oklahoma City, San Diego, Austin, and Jacksonville, FL.) (Via AP)

Man Dies after O'Charley's Dispute: So, a man dies after a police are called to an O'Charley's (on west 38th Street, natch). And while the real news is that he died after he was hit a stun gun, what I really want to know was what the dispute was. Maybe he asked for too much of their yeasty bread?! (From Indychannel)

Obama Eats Better: Indieats has been keeping up with what the Democrat candidates have been eating (via Susan Guyett). On recent trips. Obama and his team had box lunches from Ruth's Chris. Clinton had catering from IndyAnna's. Just going on taste alone, I'm voting for Obama all the way. Ruth's Chris does a mean prime rib sandwich. (And it's better than Clinton's alternative.)

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