Thursday, April 10, 2008

Broad Ripple McDonald's Has New Drive Through

Or, maybe we should say that eating at McDonald's really can be hazardous to your health. A driver lost control of her Cadillac, it ploughed into the McDonalds. Two people were hurt. Inchannel has pictures! The most amazing thing? I *totally* understand her excuse (from the Star).

Police said Weber indicted she recently had changed the brand of tennis shoe she had been wearing and was not used to the wider fit of the new shoes. Weber told police that one of the shoes got caught under a pedal, causing her to lose control and back into the restaurant.

I *so* know what she means about wearing wider shoes and getting them caught in the break pedal!


Donald said...

Are they sure she didn't think it was a farmer's market?

/I know, I'm going to hell for that one...

Brew Bits said...

My question is when did McDonald's become a bingo hall?