Monday, April 28, 2008

Chef's Alliance Pics at Flickr

Pictures from the afterparty last night are up at the Feed Me/Drink Me Flickr group. If anyone wants a particular pic, email me and I will send it over. (I won't tell if, you know, you have a secret love for Greg Hardesty or Karl Benko.) Shawn Sorrells was also snapping pics during the dinner and in the kitchen and hopefully, we'll have those posted soon, too. (And don't forget you can become a member and share pics with us all, too.)


Anonymous said...

get your chef's names correct - Nicole Anderson is not in any of the photos you posted.

braingirl said...

I missed a few folks -- and Benko in a *white* chef's coat. Hopefullyl Shawn will have a shot when he posts his pics from back of the house.