Monday, April 21, 2008

Glass Chimney Sale -- Updated

Anyone know what's up with The Glass Chimney and Deeter's? Servers told intrepid readers over the weekend that a sale is in the works and employees only expect the venerable restaurant to be closed for only a few days between owners. Dieter is retiring and the restaurants were originally scheduled to close at the end of this month.

Updated: Dieter has agreed to stay on through May and will consult for six months after that (says the Star.) New owners say expect no changes for the first six months. Indy Star and IBJ have reports.


Hannah said...

I heard that a couple of doctors finalized a sale over the weekend and they are keeping everything in place. No changes are expected at all, including keeping all the staff and the menu the same.

p.s. Believe it or not, Deeter's has world class french fries. They aren't on the menu, but if you ask for them, you will get a basket of piping hot salty goodness.

Anonymous said...

Indy Star:

Anonymous said...

The deal fell through at the 11th hour according to management at the Glass Chimney. At this point they are unsure if tomorrow (Saturday) is the last night or if they're going to try to pull through May and hope for new buyers.