Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Duke's Mixture: Zing Goes the ... Oh, Whatever

Country Kitchen Love: Obama goes upscale for church at St. Luke's and downscale for lunch at College Avenue's famous Country Kitchen. Gimme some of that old time religion. [via Indieats]

Natural? Whatev': A deceptive marketing lawsuit bites Pinkberry in its all natural yogurt butt. Emulsifiers, Acidifiers, and fillers! Delicious. [via NYT Diner's Journal]

Grinding Your Own: Just another reason why I'm in love with my spice grinder. Home toasted and blended is always better than Penzey's. [from What Geeks Eat]

Zing! Um...Okay: Renovations proceed on the former Peyton's Place building on Indiana Ave (at West). Owner says it will be "five-star quality" and open by July 1. Just...Can't...Say... It. [via DIG-B]


Phil Lavoie said...

Is Country Kitchen any good? The place does not look inviting from the outside.

Donald said...

phil lavoie

Yes, Country Kitchen rocks. Don't be fooled by the exterior.

Lindy said...

Pretty damn good.

Karissa said...

I've never been to Country Kitchen -- but some of my coworkers love the place! They did a video podcast on a visit a little more than a year ago, here's the YouTube link: