Saturday, April 05, 2008

New Plans for Old Bahama Breeze Space

Early word is that the former Bahama Breeze building has been taken by a group of Chicago restaurateurs who'll bring out outpost of their already popular chic Japanese concept to Indy. Names are circulating (we've heard Miyagi but wouldn't bet the farm on it) and the savvy owners are betting that the northside will embrace something a little hip and upscale. All I can say is "welcome to the neighborhood!" No word yet on an opening date.


Anonymous said...

There is already a new "Japanese Steakhouse" going in the old Camille's + Noodles space (next to Eddie Merlot's). Two Japanese restaurants in the same area???

Anonymous said...

Thats strange.

How do you *spell* Vanilla?

Car, Mel.

Or maybe, S.t.e.p.f.o.r.d.

Biscuitcleaver said...

by the way, on a completely unrelated note.

The so called Argentinian restaurant coming into washington street seems to have some stirrings - I see the windows are a little more exposed and there are some fixtures stilled packed near the front entrance.

There's a beautiful exposed brick wall on the east side of the building as well.

I think 96th street would be a good market of restaurants similar to what you'd see in the Loop area or the Lakeview neighborhood from Chicago.

There seems to be an interesting mix of young, well off individuals in that neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Miyagi's is actually in the space next to Eddie Merlot's that was the Noodles/Camille's. The same building as Morty's. Had dinner there the other night and it's fantastic. Honestly the best sushi in Indy (lobster roll to die for), and a beautifully decorated restaurant. I hope this place makes it. Braingirl please review it soon.