Monday, April 07, 2008

Three Latest and Best -- All Cocktail Edition

Hey, kids! Think I've sidestepped my cocktailing ways? Think again! Ahoy!

My Favorite Bar Dinner: or even better, Best Salad Ever at Mo's, A Place for Steaks. Oh, dear wedge salad. I'd forgotten how much I love you. Your crisp iceberg head, your crunchy bacon, your red tomatoes. Oh, you provide me with my entire days serving of vegetables all covered with thousand island dressing. And blue cheese. (We decided Thousand Island needs a new moniker -- something to keep up with inflation, maybe "Million Dollar." )

Vodka and Caviar at Morton's: Whether it was the new martinis or the excellent company, we had a great time at Morton's Vodka and Caviar night. We previewed some of the new cockatils -- they follow a much more traditional "martini" line so don't look for sticky sweet "girly-tinis" but subtle flavors that let the vodka shine. And enjoyed loads of smoked salmon, tuna tartare, and Petrossian caviar. (What, you people thought that open tin was just sitting out for decoration? We dug in!) My favorites? The lemon thyme martini and the lightly flavored raspberry with fresh fruit with an honorable mention to the cucumber with the salt and pepper rim.

And Then On To...: I'd forgotten what a great party drinks list they had at Nicky Blaine's -- along with a much better cigar list than I remember. Bellied up to the bar and chose a couple of really sweet, fruity, cherry/cranberry/vodka/liquor drinks that were tasty but completely inappropriate for the cigar I was smoking. But I didn't care. Girly-tinis at Nicky Blaine's are the cocktail version of comfort food.

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Jeff said...


We should start our own Mutual Admiration Society.

The pleasure was mine.

And, the vodka and caviar were a treat, too!