Thursday, April 03, 2008

Venezulan Spice Gelatto

Whenever I'm a little bored with food, I head to the Goose and just browse. But this week, after months of gazing forlornly into the gelatto case, about to give up hope, my favorite gelatto is back! Venezuelan chocolate spice from Palazzolo's -- ahh, sweet chocolate with all the dark winter spices like cloves and Asian five spice. Oh, your delicious texture and the delicate crunch of cocoa nibs is the answer to my late winter prayer. Oh, you don't really want to try this. No, you really don't. You want to save it all for meeeeee!

Oh, and while you're in? Try the mojama. Very very good.


Jay said...

Gelato's got nothin' on good, homemade ice cream!

Penelope said...

I just saw an article on Chris & Mollie in Indianapolis Home. They are everywhere! I hope that the media continues this love affair with them long enough for every citizen of Indy to know how awesome they are. I think that they are going to be very successful indeed.

Gastroholic said...

Um Jay? Your wrong. Lindy and I downed a quart of it tonight with a bottle of Pinot.

We had cheeseburgers first of course. What, ya think we are heathens?

John said...

We got together for our Top Chef night last night, and munched on some Scholars Inn baguette with Chris' new White Bean & Truffle Oil Puree that he has at the Goose. Complex, smooth, and tasty!