Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Books from Anthony Bourdain

I'm behind on my publishign email, but Grub Street caught this yesterday. The Publisher's Lunch Deal Memo (a daily report on deals from editors and agents) reports Tony Bourdain has a new three-book deal with Dan Halpern at Ecco. From the Publisher's Lunch:

Anthony Bourdain's COOKS, a follow-up to Kitchen Confidential, in which Bourdain explores how the industry he loves — and the people in it — have changed (if they've changed) since his years in the kitchen, and tracks the bizarre changes in his own life, along with more frank observations on dining, cuisine and the grim/glamorous business of cooking; NO NEW MESSAGES, a crime novel about a disgraced former 'It Boy' novelist and a disgraced chef (fresh off a public humiliation on a reality series), involved in a murder on the Caribbean island where both are laying low; and an untitled memoir of moving his family to a small village in Vietnam to spend a year in total immersion there, taking time to get to know his neighbors and deeply exploring Indonesia and Southeast Asia, to Dan Halpern at Ecco, by Kim Witherspoon at Inkwell Management.

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