Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mass Ave Wine Shoppe Upgrades

As noted in the Urban Times, Jill Ditmire has switched her liquor license from grocer to restaurant and is/will be pouring her wines -- and beer -- in house at Mass Ave Wine Shoppe. She'll also be serving sandwiches, meat/cheese plates, desserts, and soup. She's hoping people will stop in and stay awhile. (I haven't been in lately, but I assume she's added seating and is sprucing the place up a bit. The last time I was in I was pretty surprised at the limited inventory and sloppy, unappealing meat and cheese case. The staff who knew nothing at *all* about wine didn't help much either.)

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with at least one thing here: Everytime I have stopped in to get a great recommendation at a reasonable price, the staff has been more than helpful. I am also happy that everytime I have gone in, someone is willing to help, unlike at some other "wine shops" in this town.