Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Update: Snarky Edition

Best Laid Plans: IBJ reports that Chuck Mack, one of the owners of Bugg's Temple, has submitted plans to the appropriate authorities for a floating stage that would be anchored at the north end of the Canal by the restaurant. Oh, where to start. Must. Bite. Tounge.

Bringing Sex (And the City) Back: I think I'm glad more restaurants aren't doing promotions for the Sex and the City movie. There's just no way to avoid massive amounts of *cheese*. Maybe pizza isn't such a bad idea. Just. Couldn't. Resist.
Sex and the City: The Movie Meets FARMbloomington
Chef Daniel Orr Offers Themed Specials in Honor of the Movie Debut!

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (May 23, 2008) - - - HBO’s hit TV series Sex and the City has made a tremendous impact on today’s pop culture. With the movie, Sex and the City, opening in theaters across the country May 30th, FARMbloomington will celebrate by serving a special cocktail and several pizzas in honor of those four well-known New York women and their big screen debut. The specials will be offered May 30 through June 1.

In the mood for some pizza before or after viewing the movie? Then enjoy one of the following creations from chef Daniel: “Mr. Big” with sliced steak and greens; “Samantha” showcasing oysters, spinach and creme fraiche; “Charlotte” made with lox, cream cheese and sesame; “Miranda” with tomatoes and mozzarella; or “Carrie” featuring designer cheeses, fresh berries and fashionable herbs. All Sex and the City pizzas are $13.

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