Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cocktails at Fogo Update!

Had a nice chat with the folks at Fogo corporate today to get the bottom of this cocktailing issue. They want everyone to know that you *can* cocktail at Fogo without committing to dinner. They don't have a bar menu, nor can you eat in the bar, but you *can* have all the caipirnhas or wines by the glass you would ever like in their comfortable bar. They recognize that folks may come in for drinks to check out the space or even have a pre-dinner drink before toddling off to dinner somewhere else.

I let him know that several folks who attended the opening had been told otherwise, and that I had also been told otherwise recently when I called. He said it's all sorted out now. Chalk it up to new staff training or miscommunication. Either way, I can hardly wait for a caipirnha or two even without the meat feast.

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K said...

Thank you so much for clearing this up! Excellent sleuthing.