Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fresh Market First Look

I may not get to the opening tomorrow. (Or I might, come to think it of it.) But in the meantime, here are some pics of last minute preparation on the Fresh Market building at 54th and College.


Anonymous said...

it rocks.

Rachel said...

It does rock. I went after work yesterday, and it was packed, of course. It's smaller than I expected, but they pack a lot in there. Their produce looks fantastic and very clean; I got some corn and had it with dinner last night, it was good (if not as sweet as the late-summer corn will be).

They had beautiful deli/meat counters that I could barely approach because of the crowds, though I did manage to snag a sample crab cake with remoulade, which was excellent.

I went there in the hopes of finding one thing: the Greek Gods Fig Yogurt that I could previously only find at Sunflower Market (although a REAL Whole Foods would have it). And they had it! It's so delicious alone, or I like to make a dessert with pound or angel food cake, this yogurt, and sliced bananas.

The only area in which Fresh Market may be considered "lacking" is their freezer section; it's very small. But that's more than made up for by the selection of delicacies and their fantastic produce. And my yogurt, woo!

Anonymous said...

Popped in quickly yesterday and can't wait to go back! Great produce selection and excellent customer service! I was hoping to find Goat's milk and didn't, but other than that it's a big hit with us!