Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shut Out at Fogo de Chao

Want a Caipirinha? Forget Fogo de Chao unless you're staying for dinner. This new Brazilian steakhouse doesn't allow casual cocktailers in the bar. (The person on the phone says they can only transfer bar bills over to dinner tickets.)

The Dish confirms what we'd heard: Chef Kathy Jones is already leaving Bistro de Paris in Carmel. The food at this little place is surprisingly good but they were nearly empty on a recent Sunday for brunch while Muldoon's and Bazbeaux just down the block were packed.

Dunkin Donuts Downtown: Cory at IBJ's Property Lines reports on the new look for the old Rosslyn, now a Dunkin Donuts. They are scheduled to open on June 25.

Update: The folks at Fogo corporate say you *can* have cocktails only in the bar.


K said...

As a cocktail-loving person who shuns meat (and salad bars), Fogo has just ensured I will never set foot in one of their establishments. It's a shame, because we would have run up quite a bar tab.

Christopher said...

That does seem like a pretty silly policy at Fogo.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's not true. I work at Fogo de Chao, and we're more than happy to serve just drinks, just dessert, etc.

braingirl said...
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braingirl said...

While one would expect to get the best answer by calling the restaurant directly (hello, customers!), I just called the PR contact and they're "preparing" what should be a final answer on this question this afternoon. I'll pass it one when it arrives.