Thursday, June 05, 2008

Three Latest and Best

Bar Snacks at Harry & Izzy's: Maybe it was the second bottle of wine. Maybe it was the delightful company including Arthur Black and wine blogger Jeff Lefevere. Either way, that perfectly fried calimari with the sweet spicy sauce hit the spot. Also, crunchy sesame crusted chicken fingers with a salty, gingery crust. As bar food goes, perfect.

Sweet Chili Mussels at Meridian: OK, I admit it, I was expecting the more traditional preparation when it came to mussels, but these sweet, chili-laced beauties are a delightful surprise. The thick, rich sauce works its way into the meat of these little goodies. Bonus, the huge chunk of garlic bread soaking up sauce at the bottom of the bow. (And they bring you a hot towel after your mussel orgy. These people think of everything.)

Fanstastic Wines at The Oceanaire: Speaking of wines, we recently mined the list for some good ones at The Oceanaire. My favorites? A Domaine Roger Champault sancerre rouge and a Pasanau Priorato. Red, spicy, and still dry. Delicious.

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